How to Create the Best Living Room

How to Create the Best Living Room

This Living Room Interior Design course is a three-month course program over a total of 12 weeks with 24 lectures. Each lecture will take on 3 hours meeting twice a week. The course aims to provide an easy and systematic approach for creating beautiful and functional designs for the living room. It is focused on the connection that exists between art and technical knowledge and the awareness on people’s needs and preferences.

Interior design requires training as well as having a creative talent. The lectures in the Living Room Interior Design course provides a better understanding of what students need to design a living room from floor to ceiling. In the first part of the program students gain knowledge about the various aspects of space in relation to the scale, configuration, proportions and how these aspects are related to the technical performance of a living room setting. They learn how to measure a room to maximize the use of the space and select appropriate furniture and create an ideal floor plan. The course also teaches and explain how to best use the interior design elements such as surface materials and textures; how to work with textiles and accessories as well as how to source and select furniture. It also enable them to learn the secret for making off-the-shelf drapes looking like customized window treatments. It also equips the students with the knowledge and understanding on how to create a layered lighting scheme. Two lectures are devoted to different interior design styles for a living room in order to help students to identify their preferred living room design interior style. Pay attention that the course is practically focused and the lectures provides students with many practical instructions which needs to be taken into account when designing and working within a particular space such as the living room.

Nevertheless the instructor introduces the students to SketchUp from the very beginning of the course step-by-step, two lectures are especially devoted to the secrets of 3D modelling using SketchUp as a 3D design software. Their aim is enable students to produce a professional high-quality presentation using SketchUp's different interface, plugins and SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

The last 8 lectures (24 study hours) are devoted to 4 different projects which provides students with the possibility to express their creativeness in designing a living room space, applying all the design principles and elements they have mastered in the last three weeks of this course with the help of their instructor. All these projects will give the students confidence they need to start creating beautiful and elegant residential living room interiors for their possible clients in the near future.

Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

35 credits

Digital skills

30 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 3 hours

This is a three hours module exploring the design concepts for the Living room with reference to interior design such as design styles and materials used in construction. The focus is on the basic drafting standards, floor plans and decorative ornaments used to enhance the Living room interior design scheme. The topic will help students demonstrate the ability to communicate and practice interior design.

Duration: 30 hours

This 30 study hours module focuses on the understanding of design elements and principles with reference to interior designing a Living room such as space, line, form, light, colour, pattern, furniture, texture, surfaces, walls, ceiling. Students will be able to visualize an idea for the living room area, plan a space, create, and research mood boards, recommend a color scheme and furniture styles for a living room layout. You will understand how to incorporate the sustainable interior design principles in your projects for a living room as well.

Duration: 6 hours

This topic gives emphasis on exploring and understanding the theories of designing a Living room and significant art and style movements of times past. In addition, the topic aims to define and be able to identify styles, movements, and artistic direction of designing a Living room.

Duration: 6 hours

This 6 study hours module provides an overview of all the essential SketchUp skills needed for general modelling, and layout designs. Learn how to use and control the latest SketchUp features to draw 2D and 3D models and allows students to produce a professional quality and high-precision models.

Duration: 6 hours

Students must design a living room interior project using Scandinavian style furniture, textile, surface materials and accessories. Produce a mood board for your design scheme.

Duration: 6 hours

This project is about creating a unique living room interior design project in Modern Mid-Century design style with Monochromatic color scheme.

Duration: 6 hours

The project aim is to design a living room interior design project in Nautical or Navy design style with Analogous color scheme. You must propose your vision of sustainable design for the living room.

Duration: 6 hours

Students must upgrade and re-design a classic period style living room into a Contemporary or Modern Classic Design Style.

Duration: 3 hours

The Office Interior Design course ends with a practical exam. The students must present and defend their practical projects. In addition to the practical exam, the students sit an online test exam.

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