How to Design the Perfect Office

How to Design the Perfect Office

This course is a perfect opportunity for those looking to expand their interior design abilities and specialize in office spaces. During a three-month period, those enrolled will be taught a variety of topics from ergonomics to creative spaces to large scale office building interior design. Our lecturer will guide students through every aspect of creating a functional, productive, and unique office as well as offer guidance during the practical project portion. Not only does this course offer tools, resources, and feedback on projects, but it also offers exclusive content created to improve creative and innovative designs and boost your confidence in your ability to create amazing experiences through interior design projects. Whether you have years of experiences or you are just starting out in the world of interior design, after participating in the 24 lectures (48 study hours in total) offered, you will leave the course with many new insights that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The 24 lectures are divided in two main parts. First, we will discuss information and theory related to the general and the specific parts within office interior design. Topics such as the evolution of modern offices, lighting, creativity, green spaces, ergonomics, materials, and amenities will all be explained thoroughly and explored in relation to the rest of the topics and how they affect one another. After these 16 topic modules, there will be 8 practical project modules where students will practice putting that information into use. With SketchUp students will create 4 different office interior design projects and present them with renders, floor plans, diagrams, sketches, etc. Students will get the chance to design a coworking space, a home office, and a small and large office building. This will tie in all the elements learned previously and will set the foundation for real-life projects in the future. After these 24 lectures are over, students will leave the course feeling prepared to handle any type of office project.

Each session will be a live video call with a live instructor. For the sustainability portions we will also seek to incorporate as much practical information as possible so that real, viable solutions can be proposed effectively to reduce carbon footprints. The course is open to anyone interested in office interior design, regardless of previous experience or lack of. The goal is to create a strong base of organized workflow, infirmed design, and sustainable outlook for future offices and work spaces. Additionally, the practical project created in the course can be used to showcase your skills in your portfolio which can help attract clients, which we will also discuss during one of our modules. With the help of our lecturer and SketchUp, this course will be a unique, information packed time.

Credits from the training:

4 credits

Art skills

2 credits

Digital skills

1 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 4 hours

Office interior design is a vast topic with a lot of demand and competition in the growing market. In this module you will learn how the offices have changed through the years.

Duration: 4 hours
Delve into advanced office space planning, teaching techniques to maximize utility, enhance movement, and encourage collaboration without sacrificing privacy. Refine SketchUp layouts, customizing spaces for diverse functions.
Duration: 4 hours

Learn about the role of lighting and acoustics in creating productive work environments, implementing strategies in SketchUp models.

Duration: 4 hours
The wrap-up session prepares for final presentations where students showcase their completed designs, emphasizing ergonomic principles, efficient space planning, and functional integration.

Course price

Real-time online course

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390.00 EUR
for the entire course

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