Design the Garden of Your Dreams!

Design the Garden of Your Dreams!

Have you always been inspired by flowers and plants? Have you ever wondered how the different plants in a green area or garden combine so that their shapes and color patterns create a perfect harmony? Have you ever felt a need to expand your knowledge and acquiring new skills in the field of non-professional landscaping?

Many people from around the world share a great passion for gardening. This course aims to teach the participants some basic concepts and expand their knowledge of the subject, which will open a wide range of opportunities for them.

Who is this course for?
• Nonprofessional gardeners who would like to systematize their knowledge of a specific subject.
• Nonprofessional gardeners who would like to acquire new and exciting knowledge.
• Everyone with a passion for gardening and landscape design.

Course Objectives:
  • To introduce students to the basic principles of landscape design.
  • To equip students with knowledge about colours, plants, gardens, water areas, etc.
  • To teach students how to create a basic landscape design in SketchUp.
  • To able students to work on a project of a yard.

The Landscape Design for Beginners course will provide you with some basic techniques that will enable you to sketch a garden for yourself or your relatives and pick up suitable plants for your project. To make this task easy and fun, you should first learn the new species of ornamental plants and shrubs, along with their proportions and sizes. What is the first thing to do when planning your backyard? When and where to get plants from how far apart to plant them? What factors affect ornamental vegetation? These are only part of the questions that our Landscape Design for Beginners course gives answer.

Credits from the training:

10 credits

Art skills

10 credits

Digital skills

5 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 6 hours

The aim of this course is to introduce you in the world of Landscape design with SketchUp. You will be acquainted with the main important topics as landscape composition, colours, gardens, water areas, etc. You will be introduced to SketchUp as well. The last session you will apply everything learnt in SketchUp. After this course you will have the basic knowledge and skills to design a landscape project.

Course price

Frequently asked questions:

The Interior Design Beginners course consists of 3 lectures (9 study hours). Each lecture is with duration 3 study hours. One study hour is 45 min. Classes are 3 times a week. The whole duration of the course is 1 week.

If you want to enrol in our course, you need to register in order to create an account at our website. Then log in to your account and go to the course page. Click the button "Enrol now" and follow the steps. Once you have registered, our representative will contact you to confirm your order and send you a completed training contract, which you must sign and send back by email.

All students must have completed secondary education. Fluent English and basic computer skills are must.

During the training, theoretical knowledge is introduced with the help of interactive methods and presentations, such as role-playing games, videos and reports, interactive presentations. The practical part of the training is studied by the method of "learning by doing", and each student should perform a number of practical tasks for the exercise of theoretical training. At the end of the training, each student realizes a complete project, covering everything learned during the course.

The assessment of students is carried out through knowledge control questionnaires (QCM), tests, reports and practical tasks. At the end of the course students can sit online test which is paid. The test consists of multiple correct/wrong answers. You must have a minimum of 50% correct answers in order to pass the test. All students that pass the test successfully will receive a certificate from Home Design Institute.

We accept all students with disabilities who can adapt and go through the learning process, trying to approach each case individually. To discuss how we can include you in the training, please contact us.

The last deadline in which you can join the course is 15 days before its start.

At the beginning of each training, the lecturer gets acquainted with each student and specifies with him the purpose of training and his knowledge in the field. The lecturer is obliged to adapt the learning process to each individual case, according to the level of knowledge of each student, and at the end of the training each student creates an individual project according to their needs and desired direction for professional development.

After registering for a specific training, you will have access to our online training platform. Through it you will have access to the training schedule, as well as the link for the virtual classroom for each session, the records of its holding and additional training materials. You will have access to these materials and recordings for the period of training and up to 4 months after it, so we recommend that you download all materials and videos so that you have unlimited access to them.

The certificates issued by us are not registered in the RNCP / RS and are clearly recognizable in the industry.

Reviews from students:


    I`m extremely satisfied from the course program, it was exactly what I needed plus you have all the lectures for free! It gave me a good professional training and the Certificate at the end has a great value. Thank you to all the team for your efforts!


    For me this course was something to expect impatiently, I enjoyed all lectures and the great information they gave me! Home Design is an institute I recommend totally to everyone who is searching for higher level professional education online.


    I totally recommend this course to everyone who is about the take decision: don’t hesitate to sign up! The teachers are professional in their field, they will give you knowledge in a fun and nice way; The program is very suitable for people who have busy schedule, and you can watch the video records any suitable time.


    This course was so helpful for my carrier as Landscape Architect. I like that I can view the lectures anytime when I m free, the instructor has good qualifications and explains all the theory in details. I will surely sign up for the next professional course! Thank you!


    I`m very satisfied with this course! It motivates me to study more and develop my ideas in gardening. It was a great experience for me! I want to join other courses at HDI.The teacher was very experienced and I loved the program course. You are great! Thank you!


    This course was amazing and I`m happy that I signed up for it! The lectures were very interesting. I liked the suitable evening hours and the chance for online Certificate at the end. Thank you, Home Design!

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