Learn the Secrets of Creating Beautiful Outdoor Areas.

Learn the Secrets of Creating Beautiful Outdoor Areas.

Our Landscape Design online course will teach you how to design a personal perspective of the world around you. It will help you develop your creative ideas and acquire a practical understanding of how the different plants, shrubs, and trees combine in delightful harmony throughout the year.

This course aims to give students the all the needed when it comes to creating a fully-realized and polished landscape design package from concept through to final completion. During this course students will get an in-depth understanding of how to develop their visual and practical skills; become knowledgeable about plants and hard landscaping materials and their use within the space, in accordance to surrounding context and existing features. The advanced studying of AutoCAD (2D) and SketchUp (3D) gives endless opportunities and options to visualize and put your ideas on paper and create visually appealing presentation packages. There will be personal attention dedicated to each student as we are highly motivated to make this course very useful after it has finished, when it comes to studio work opportunities or taking your career further in the industry.

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
1. Identify the artistic styles associated with gardens and landscape design approach.
2. Successfully distinguish plants by their botanical names and make use of planting combinations to translate different textural looks, forms or moods.
3. Design and specify the hard landscaping of a project such as sculpture, patio, pathways, pergolas and other structural elements.
4. Apply computer-aided design software (CAD) in both 2D and 3D to represent their ideas which will increase the value of their finished work.
5. Create visually and aesthetically pleasing mood boards and presentations to support and elevate their concepts.
6. Find paid work at a garden design studio

At the end of the course, all students will be asked to present their final project and will create their first professional portfolio.

Credits from the training:

75 credits

Art skills

75 credits

Digital skills

75 credits

Freelance skills

What will you achieve after the course?


After completing this course, you will have created your first professional portfolio


The skills you gain during this course will be considered with the practical environment

Professional Certificate

After successful completion of the course, you will receive a professional certificate of completion


Working on series of team tasks, you will develop your teamwork skills


Working on series of team tasks, you will develop your teamwork skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 8 hours

This module will introduce you to Color Theory. You will study the different shapes and color compositions and master park perspective drawing.

Duration: 4 hours

In this module, you will learn the critical components of park art and how to make sketches, graphics, and compositions.

Duration: 8 hours

This module will introduce you to the historical development of park art. You will be exposed to different styles and some examples of contemporary park art. You will learn about fundamental composition principles in park art and make your first urban park planning steps. You will find out the park design methods and phases. At the end of this module, you will be acquainted with the playground design requirements.

Duration: 12 hours

This module provides you with knowledge in morphology and biology of woody plant species. You will study different woody plants (trees, shrubs) and will learn their ecology. The end of the module is dedicated to shrubs and their use in landscaping.

Duration: 14 hours

This module will introduce you to the morphology, ecology, and biology of flowers and teach you how to use them as ornamental plants. You will learn how the different flower species are group as per their use. You will also study different styles in flower arrangement.

Duration: 16 hours

In this module, you will be working with AutoCAD. You will learn the basic techniques and requirements for drawing a landscape project and designing and scaling a project.

Duration: 6 hours

This module will introduce you to the history of park architecture and park elements' design. You will acquire valuable knowledge of the architectural components and facilities in park composition and design.

Duration: 12 hours

The aim of this module is to present the specifics of park construction and the requirements for building on sloped terrain. You will get to know the main types of irrigation systems, make your first steps in rooftop landscaping, and get acquainted with the most widely used machines to construct and maintain green areas.

Duration: 8 hours

In this module, you will learn about the different types of open space compositions. You will be taught how to organize and create them, and you will prepare a project.

Duration: 8 hours

The module will introduce you to the most common types of water areas and fountains and their elements, and you will learn some widespread water effects. You will build on your knowledge of open space compositions and will be asked to prepare a project.

Duration: 8 hours

The module will teach you the peculiarities of open space compositions.

Duration: 2 hours

This module will introduce you to the subject, scope and content of landscape development. You will also learn the general concepts that define the different types of landscape development.

Duration: 2 hours

In this module, you will learn about the fauna's biochemistry: origin, evolution, and characteristics of Class Aves (Birds).

Duration: 6 hours

In this module, you will be taught how to design an ornamental plant nursery and organize its functioning. You will make your first steps in the world of saplings' growing from seeds, vegetatively, or through young shoots' grafting.

Duration: 2 hours

The focus of this module is on biodiversity and protected areas. It will give you a comprehensive knowledge about ecology and environmental protection. The module ends with a final exam and a project.

Duration: 20 hours

In this module you will start working on your portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions:

The Interior Design course is with duration of two semesters (10 months). Vacations and holidays are also included in this period. Classes are 24 study hours per month (3 study hours two times a week). One study hour is 45 min. The whole course consists of 204 study hours.

If you want to enrol our courses, you need to register in order to create an account at our website. Then log in to your account and go to the course page. Click the button "Enrol now" and follow the steps. Pay attention that the enrolment deadline is 15 days before the start of the course!

Yes. A video recording will be uploaded on the online platform of the course after each lecture, and you will be able to access it during your study. Please, note that all video recordings may not be used for any purpose except to meet the educational objectives of the course!

Yes. All files are uploaded in an appropriate format for downloading. Please, note that all study materials may not be used for any purpose except to meet the educational objectives of the course!

All our courses are practically oriented. Accordingly, each student will have practical assignments. They can be submitted through our online platform or email, when necessary.

Yes. The lecturers conform their free time with that of students. This matter will be discussed during the first classes. After that, your lecturer will provide you with the consultation schedule.

Reviews from students:


    I`m very happy to participate in the group of this course! It was life changing experience and I like the well-structured lectures, advanced knowledge, suitable time online and the great teacher! I learned so much from this course, totally recommend it!


    I recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain more practical knowledge in the field of Landscape Design! Lectures are interesting and fun, and give you all needed information step by step. You did a great job, thank you Home Design!


    For me the online sessions were real pleasure as I am Interior Designer, but I`m deeply fascinated by all kind of gardens and outdoors. This course was the right decision for me, it was extremely beneficial, gives you much more knowledge on Landscape than expected with valuable practical part and project. The money are worth it! Thank you!

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