Home Design Institute

The Home Design Institute (HDI) is a part of an educational holding that develops its business in Eastern and Western Europe. The holding structure has 8 educational brands and has held professional trainings in different programs since 2014. The aim of HDI is to satisfy the need forstrong effective and practical online trainings in Interior and Landscape Desing and to prepare experts covering the industry requirements within one academic year. Our lecturers are established industry professionals (architects or interior designers). Today, we are proud that more than 10000 successfully completed students have acquired their dreamed profession with us and that we have proven the efficiency of our trainings for the last 7 years.

Synchronous online education

Our mission is to provide the best online education. We believe that synchronous online education is the most effective one. For this reason, most of our courses are synchronous. This means that students are in virtual classrooms. They can interact with each other and with the lecturer via Zoom. Due to variety of reasons, the online learning process is getting more and more attractive among students. Even if they are absent, they can watch video recordings of the conducted classes.

Professional online courses

Our professional online courses are held in accordance with programs that have passed an expert assessment by a vocational education agency and meet the educational standards for the respective profession at European level. The courses are with duration of two semesters and are aimed at beginners without previous experience. They are practical and based on the principle “Learning through making”, and their goal is to develop students’ practical skills. During the trainings, students work with specialized software products such as AutoCad, 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, etc. and acquire art, digital and freelance skills. The courses end with presentations of students' projects which match the industry requirements.

Short-term online courses

Besides professional online courses, we offer short-term synchronous online courses with duration of around one month. They provide students with knowledge or solution to specific professional problems. Thus, our students can bridge the gaps in their skills and become better and more competative specialist. The main aim of the short-term trainings is to shorten the time of acquiring specific skills.

Do you still hesitate whether to enrol in some of our professional long-term programs? Then, just sign up for our free online synchronous one-month courses in a real-time classroom and dive into the world of Interior and Landscape Design.

Why do thousands of people choose us?

Our advantages

You build your own portfolio

The best education is the one that leads to real and proven results

The best lecturers

With us you learn from the best professionals

Recognized knowledge

Our certificates are recognized and valid in the entire EU

Learning through making

Most of our trainings are practical

You become a freelancer

With us you learn how to fulfill yourself as a successful freelancer

Synchronous online learning

Most of our courses are real-time online courses